Meeting Minutes From A Proud Kibble-ist

In our weekly kibble klatch, my canine friends discussed the tenets of communism, socialism, anarchism, monarchism, minarchism, libertarianism, and finally kibble-ism.  We exhausted our discussion of the first 6 in 10 minutes.  But kibble-ism was hotly debated and will have to be continued in future meetings.  We all agreed that the flow of high-quality kibble to each of our bowls must continue unabated.  But that’s where our consensus terminated.

One portion of our group, led by a wizened and wise Weimaraner, posited that there should be unlimited, unrestricted kibble, controlled only by the free market.  Another sub-group, headed by a spunky Shih Tzu, asserted that there must be at least some governmental oversight of the quality of the product, so that we’re not all poisoned by unscrupulous producers who will gladly cut corners to increase profits.

The remaining portion of the group, with yours truly at the helm, roamed far afield and contended that each of our human companions should make our own kibble.  They love us (OK, in some cases that’s a stretch, but just go with it), and they would take great pains to see that they produced an outstanding food source made from only the finest ingredients.  This would put kibble manufacturers out of business, and compel them to find work better serving society.  Actually, the underlying reason for my revolutionary position was to get my Dad off his lazy derriere and force him to do more for me, but I kept that reasoning to myself.

It would be easy to adhere to McCartney-ism and just “let it be”, remaining dumb and happy about where and how we obtain our kibble.  But our astute clan of canine collaborators agree on one general premise beyond an unabated flow of kibble:  If we allow things to go unquestioned, merely because they are the norm, we are no more than lemmings headed for any number of cliffs.  Kibble-ism may seem of little importance in the grand scheme of things, but once digested, it’s a springboard for matters of increased gravitas…such as leash-ism.

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