Isolating The Word ‘Sequester’

As I sit here, sequestered in my dog house, compelled by Mom and Dad to think about what they deem was inappropriate conduct, I can’t help but think about other notable sequestrations occurring this week.  The cardinals are sequestered in conclave at the Vatican, compelled by their retired “Papa” to elect a new one.  I’m quite certain I’m not in my dog house for the purpose of selecting a new dad, but hey, as long as I’m here there are worse things I could do.

Then, in D.C., the infamous “sequester” has taken effect, essentially effectuating drastic across-the-board budgetary cuts.  In this I see a similarity.  My sequester will likewise result in drastic cuts.  After an appropriate period of solitary reflection, I must curtail certain behaviors which have consistently met with the disapproval of my human companions.

All this, and my lonely seclusion, has caused me to think about some other forms of this word of the week, as it applies to the election of a new Pope.

SEQWESTERN:   A western movie watched by the cardinals as they reflect on their decision.

SAQUESJAWEA:  A Native American girl who helps the cardinals find their way to a resolution.

SEQUESTRIAN:  Horseback riding while in conclave (it’s a big room).

SEQUEJESTER:  The Vatican clown who gives the cardinals comic relief.

SEQUASTRATION:  What may await a cardinal who leaves conclave without good reason.

I could go on, but I’m starting to make even myself a bit sick.  I can now see why I’ve been left to ponder my misdeeds here in these lonely confines.  Perhaps I’ve learned a lesson.  But what’s going to happen in Rome, not to mention in D.C.?  Now, that’s a good sequestion!

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